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What is France Schengen Tourist Visa?

France tourist Visa: It is an authorization given by the French embassy to the foreign visitors as a legal pass to enter and stay in the country travel and leisure for specific period of time.

Purpose of Issue: Purpose of visit must be either vacation, visiting friends and family or any personal reasons.

Duration: This type of visa is issued for short duration of up to 90 days; this is also popular as short term visa.

Documentation requirements for France/ Schengen Tourist Visa:

The list of the documents required, is as same as the other type of visa however, there is only one difference in the type of application form for Tourist Visa..

It will take 3-7 working days to get your visa application processed. However we can make the arrangements if there is any urgent need purpose by the client then it will take short time, just-3 working days. You can avail this service by paying us some additional express visa charge.

For any France visa related queries and doubts about application form, as different rules for the different countries are applied, except the basic document requirements.






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Schengen Tourist Visa

Schengen visa is a visa type which must be applied within the relevant country Embassy, in other words Schengen is a region which has list of 26 countries and a part of Schengen treaty.
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france schengen business visa

Schengen Business Visa

Schengen Business Visa: This is only for professionals who are going out in France from their home country for the purpose of attend any meeting, seminar, conference, Exhibition, trade fair etc.
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