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Germany Changes Work Visa Appointment Procedures for Western Balkan Nationals

The German authorities have announced that due to the extremely high demand for visa application schedules for employment in line with the Regulation on the Western Balkans, the existing rules will be updated. According to the latest update made by the German Embassy, new rules regarding the appointment procedure will be made since the number […]

By Admin May 16, 2024


France is famous for its cheese and wines. Every year, France receives 82 million foreign tourists. It has become the most popular tourist place and the visitors are mainly attracted but the Normandy and Brittany, the Loire valley’s castles and a beautiful country side including the Corsica Island, the Atlantic coast and the beaches of […]

By Admin October 16, 2023

Cannes Film Festival 2023

About Festival de Cannes 2023 16 May 2023 –27 May 2023 The Cannes Film Festival is an international film festival held annually (usually in May) in Cannes, France, at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. It is theworld’smost prestigious as well as publicized film festival. The festival is known for its extravagant and spectacular fashion and […]

By Admin August 2, 2023

Experience the fun of a motorcycle tour in France

Paris is the dream destination for all travelers. Whether it be a romantic trip or an adventurous one it will never fail to amaze you. There are iconic vintage places, art museums, stylish shopping hubs, and much more things to make you realize the worth of this vacation. You can be part of Paris fashion […]

By Admin June 16, 2023

Holiday in Europe around beaches

Europe comes as the second smallest continent in the world but also with lots of beauty to explore. Though it’s the second smallest continent it is the most developed and powerful continent in the world. Europe is famous for its vacation spots as this continent is the hub for tourists and travelers. It is one […]

By Admin May 16, 2023

The famous wine festival

Welcome to France in the month of February that is the best time to indulge in the world famous and unique festival celebration. France is the country known for the wine taste and flavor around the globe. France comes as the top destination in the world for tourism or vacation. Holiday in France gives a lot to […]

By Admin May 16, 2023

Rejoice with the Festivities of Easter Season in France 2024

Are you planning to celebrate Easter in France or wondering how to celebrate Easter in France? Embrace the Easter traditions and celebrations by indulging in the unique and bright style of the Easter celebration. It is the best time to visit France. This guide delves into the customs, celebrations, cultural significance, & culinary delights of Easter in France, […]

By Admin February 7, 2023

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris

Have planned to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris? That’s great! The capital city knows how to celebrate! Whether you like clubbing the night away or want to enjoy a traditional French meal with a fascinating view, or a simple glass of champagne shared among a small group of closed ones works for you, Paris […]

By Admin December 30, 2022

Multiple advantages of Schengen Visa for the travel lovers

Europe is a hub of tourism for all the variety seeking people. There are multiple countries carrying their own advantages and unique features that are worth exploring. Schengen is specially meant for all those people willing to visit multiple European countries in a single visit. Europe is a wonderful continent with a number of opportunities […]

By Admin October 16, 2022