Top 10 delightful and Lip-smacking French Desserts

Classic French Desserts! Tempted? Well desserts are my favorite! My huge sweet-tooth never let me stop exploring desserts. And when it comes to the most heavenly desserts particularly pastries, you cannot miss the most luscious and mouth-watering desserts from France! So, if you are also fond of desserts, planning your French Visa and have packed your bags for a great time in France, see my list of Top 10 lip-smacking French Desserts. Here it goes:

1. Apple Tarte Tatin- 

This upside down pastry cum tart gives you a delicious treat with caramelized apples. Choose this desert and a smooth buttery taste will linger on in your mouth for long. You can also have a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top to make it even more tempting.

2. Crème Brulee-  

It is welcoming and going to be one of the most tempting desserts you will come across. Crack the top caramel crust and let the custard layer below ooze out to melt your heart.

3. Cherry Clafouti-  

Authentically made with cherries, a Cherry Clafouti is one simple and delicious French dessert. The heavenly flavors of cream and flan batter will cast a magical spell leaving you spellbound. It is baked and can be prepared with several variations and you can add blanched almonds as toppings to render a crunch to this yummy dessert.

4. Macarons-  

This colorful authentic French delicacy comes in several exciting flavors and vibrant colors. This cookie sandwich made with eggs, sugar and almonds will delight your senses and will leave its smooth buttery flavors’ on your tongue.

5. Baked Lemon Tart-  

A perfect balance between a sweet pastry and tangy lemon filling, the baked lemon tart is a sheer bliss. Combine it with meringue on top to make it a heavenly treat.

6. Éclair au chocolat-  

The magical combination of choux pastry and chocolate cream filling, this chocolate éclair is a real welcoming treat. The pastry is covered with a melted chocolate icing; your taste buds will sing its magic.

7. Ile flottante (Floating Island)-  

Savor this floating treat which will be an absolute delight for not just your taste buds but for your eyes too! With meringue floating on the top of vanilla custard, this irresistible dessert is worth giving a try.

8. Kouign Amann- “Happiness comes in small packages”-  

If this proverb holds true, then it is surely for this sugary, buttery puffed pastry which is quite famous among French people. You will relish its taste for long and it will be simply difficult for you to forget this sweet little dessert.

9. Mille Feuille-  

This crunchy layered puff pastry carrying creamy custard in its layers is a classic French dessert. Fusion of the best flavors and topped with salty caramel, this dessert will be your best memory of France. Simple yet delicious!.

10. Moelleux Au Chocolat-  

Also known as “Chocolate Lava Cake” because of the oozing molten chocolate inside, this is a real bliss for chocolate lovers. Often complimented with raspberries, indulge in this piece of absolute bliss and delight and thank me later!.

France is one of the most visited countries in the world and attracts millions of tourists every year as it offers the best of everything; whether its food or tourist attractions, fashion or wine and not to forget the sweetness of the most delicious desserts. You need to have a valid passport and a French Schengen Visa to visit France. So, contact a Visa service provider for a France Schengen Visa and get the general tourist visa quick and hassle-free.

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