Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a visa?

    Your visa requirements depend on your nationality. Please check out details below
    Group (A) Countries that do not required visa for France / Schengen region
    - The Nationals from the below list of countries do not require a visa to travel France for tourist or business purposes for the duration of 90 days: Andorra. Argentina. Australia. Bermuda. Bolivia. Brazil. Brunei. Bulgaria. Canada. Chile. Costa Rica. Croatia. El Salvador. Guatemala. Honduras. Iceland. Israel. Japan. Liechtenstein. Macau. Malaysia. Mexico. Monaco. New Zealand. Nicaragua. Panama. Paraguay. Romania. San-Marino. Singapore. South Korea. Switzerland. U.S.A. Uruguay. The Vatican. Venezuela, Mauritius, Seychelles, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Christopher and Nevis .
    Group (B) Countries that from EU/EEU/UK which do not require visa France / Schengen region
    - Nationals from UK and the European Union (EU) countries do not require a France Visa for tourist/business visit purposes for the duration of 90 days
    The List of EU & EEA countries-
    (Austria. Belgium. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Estonia. Finland. Germany. Great-Britain. Greece. Hungary. Ireland. Italy. Latvia. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malta. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden)
    Group (C) Countries that take 2 weeks processing time:
    - The Visa application process time for passport holders of the below mentioned passport holders will be 2 weeks- Afghanistan. Algeria. Bangladesh. Belarusian. Burma. Burundi. Colombia. Congo (Zaire). Egypt. Indonesia. Iran. Iraq. Jordan. Kuwait. North Korea. Lebanon. Libya. Myanmar. Nigeria. Oman. Pakistan. Palestine. Philippines. Qatar. Rwanda. Somalia. Sudan. Surinam. Syria. Tunisia. United Arab Emirates. Vietnam. Yemen. Zimbabwe.

  • Can I apply through post without visiting in person?

    No, you need to visit once for your biometric data and this is mandatory for all.

  • What is the best time to apply for France visa? I am planning to visit after 2 months.

    You may apply for your Schengen visa 3 months in advance from your planned trip.

  • I am going on a day trip. Do I need to provide a hotel booking?

    You don't need to provide the hotel vouchers if you are going on a day trip.

  • My UK VISA is going to expire after 2.5 months can I still apply for visa?

    No, you must have 3 months UK visa validity before applying for France visa.

  • My husband is British/EU National which documents should I provide for visa?

    You have to provide all documents like hotel and flight details, and bank statements because after March, 2014 French visa rules has been modified and even if you are a spouse of British/EU national you need to provide all documents. Please call us for more details.

  • My child, who is under 12, is travelling to France with friends. Can she apply for her visa directly?

    No, she can visit in person with a dependable adult for France visa application.

  • We are applying for France visa as a family Do we all need to present in appointment?

    Children, under the age of 6, are not required to be present. Child, who is more than 12 Year needs to be presented there.

  • We are visiting our family/ Friends in France how do I apply for France visa for my trip?

    You need to book your appointment online using the Apply online tab and provide ’attestation d’accueil’ This must be acquire by the person who is inviting you there in France from local town hall. It is a compulsory document.

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I was really worried when the visa agency rejected my visa but then I came across you guys. Your team understood the situation and helped me reapply with the right documentation and I must say your consistent support was a great help.
Jennifer Smith,Cuba
France Schengen Visa helped me thoroughly during the Visa procedure right from fulfilling the requirements till obtaining the final Visa permit for France. The team was very professional and their response time was really good. All I needed was a good team which can understand the value of my time and they did it so well.
Rolf Carter,Cuba
I planned for a trip to France on a very short notice and decided to hire France visas for my visa requirements. I was glad that I made this decision because your agency was there to take care of my visa process and was left with ample time to plan my trip to the best of my advantage