Visa Documents requirement

Documentation plays a very important role in your France Visa application processing as you have seen/observed a lot of applications getting rejected on the basis of improper or inadequate documents. Whether you are applying for Tourist or Business, short/long term stay, Spouse of EU/UK resident, or even a student living in UK willing to travel to France, you must produce the accurate documents at French Visa Center. These document requirement changes with each case and the applicant and it requires an expert’s assistance to get it done. We are committed to help our clients, ensuring them that they will get Visa on time with few easy steps.

Here are a few types of documents which are required by any embassy / consulate to process any Visa Application. Please note! As mentioned above, these requirements change with the applicant’s type and the basis.

  • Hotel and Holiday Accommodation: Generally it is required to ensure that you have already booked your place to live during your stay in France. For instance, if you are looking forward to stay with family or friend then you need an original 'Attestation accursed from the inviting party in France.
  • Insurance Requirements: Medical and Travel are two types of insurance required to process any visa application as it assures your safety and security.
  • Proof of Transportation: Most of the confirmed Airline, Train, Bus, and Ferry tickets are considered as a valid proof of travel but if you are planning to travel by your own car then you have to submit a complete different set of documents which includes your Driving License, Vehicle Registration document etc…
  • Proof of Income: This is required to ensure that you have enough funds and you are financially sound to meet up the expenses during your stay. The documents for proof changes as per the applicants’ status for example: Bank Statements, Traveler Chorus. Salary slips etc…
  • Marriage Certificate: In case of dependent Spouse of UK / EU / EEU resident a valid translated and verified copy of the marriage certificate is required.

At each application is exclusively processed with a great amount of attention in terms of document requirements.

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