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Find Visas are specialized in assisting and arranging the appointment for the bio-metrics in the French Embassy on your behalf. The France Schengen visa enables you to visit any of the 24 member countries which come under the Schengen agreement.

To apply for a Schengen visa you must be a UK resident or the applicant must have a UK Resident Permit / Indefinite leave to Remain. The normal processing time of the Schengen Visa is 8-9 working days from the date of appointment. For certain nationalities it takes up to 12-15 working days to get their Visa. Our representatives will keep track of your application and post you with regular updates. All your applications and documents are pre-checked and verified prior to attending the biometrics.

Who needs a Visa?

If you are not an UK/EU national citizen you need a Schengen Visa.

The hotel reservations slips, flight details, travel itinerary plan, confirmation of the return tickets must be submitted as part of the application

Apply France Schengen Visa in four steps:

  • Fill up the Online Application Form
  • Appointment will be booked in the Embassy on your behalf
  • Visit the Visa center with your documents
  • Get your passport with visa by post

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schengen tourist visa for france

Schengen Tourist Visa

France schengen tourist Visa: It is an authorization given by the French embassy to the foreign visitors as a legal pass to enter and stay in the country travel and leisure for specific period of time.
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france schengen business visa

Schengen Business Visa

France Schengen Business Visa: This is a special type of visa that can be issued only for business professionals by France Embassy, Especially professionals that are visiting France Schengen countries for commercial and business purposes.
apply online for france schengen business visa