Four must explore cities in France

France, officially French Republic is a filled with major tourist attractions which attracts millions of foreign visitors each year. The country is known for its heart stealing landscapes, commendable infrastructure and the mouth watering food.  If you are planning to visit France then it’s time to apply for France Schengen visa and fulfill the Schengen visa requirements to reach your desired destination on time. Many people think Paris is the sole destination to explore in France but this isn’t true at all. France has a series of attraction for every visitor to explore.

1.  Paris – The beauty of this dream city is not alien to anyone. This beautiful city has a lot to offer to every visitor. The EiffelTower, the halls of Louvre and the Disney land of Parisare the must visit locations in Paris. If you are an explorer then there are many other hidden spots to discover in this city of lights.

2.  Strasbourg – The Strasbourgis often overlooked by visitors, but it is really abeautiful city. It can be defined as a metropolitan city with a German influence. The best time to visit Strasbourg is during the Christmas season when you can enjoy and be a part of the oldest Christmas Market in France. 

3.  Nice – You are bound to experience a good weather in nice with average 300 days of sunshine. This bright city is the capital of French Riviera and is a major attraction for many writers and artists due to its pleasant sunshine and relaxed ambiance.  If you French Riviera is on your visit list then giving a day to Nice would be a great option to have an affordable stay.

4.  Lyon – This warm city is the thirdlargest city of France and can be a base for you to explore the Rhône region. This beautiful city is a must visit for food lovers; it'stempting cuisines and their delicacies are known to the entire world. Have a perfect stay by enjoying the perfect food and don’t forget to shop at one of the silk capitals of the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get your French Schengen visa and fly to this dream holiday destination for a memorable visit.

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