France Business Visa Information and Requirements

France is a wonderful country and a dream destination for several travelers as per the different purposes. That is the reason there are classifications done on the visa. First clarify your purpose of visit, and then decide to apply for a relevant visa matching it.

France is a well renowned country all over the world for several reasons. It has been continuously in the limelight since the historic times. There has been a rich hub of art and culture throughout the country. Several monuments standing proudly as the landmark of the country have witnessed the largest number of visitors since a last few decades. No matter how fascinating the country is in its description but to visit it there are several huddles that you need to overcome before finally reaching there. The biggest huddle is the application of a France Visa.

The application of your visa completely depends upon the purpose of your visit. Whether you are visiting for the tourist, business, transit or student purpose there is a separate provision available for you.

Various classifications:

-  France Tourist Visa: when your purpose of visit is to spend vacations, personal purpose or meet some of your friends or relatives this visa will be suitable for you. in short is also a general purpose visa issued for 90 days maximum.

-  France Business Visa: When you purpose of visit is some official or business opportunity this visa will be suitable for you. It is also issued for the 90 days of duration.

-  France Transit Visa: When you have to stay in France for a halt as a part of your ongoing journey such visa is applicable. Its validity is only for few hours or 1-2 days.

-  France Student Visa: When you want to visit the France for the purpose of pursuing your higher studies in one of the institution of France this visa will be applicable for you. The validity will be as per the validity of the course that you are pursuing hence is called the long term visa for may be 1-2 years.

-  France Spouse Visa: When your spouse is in France and you want to visit him/her for a longer duration of time, this types of visa will be suitable for you.

-  France Schengen Visa: When the purpose is to visit the multiple Schengen destinations under a single trip, this visa is applicable to avoid the application separately. Its validity is 90 days to the maximum but the benefits are much more than the others.

All the visa calls for the different documentation requirements and the separate application forms to be filled along and is issued under the authority of French Embassy .Once you apply for the visa the path becomes clear for your France trip.

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