most delicious foods in France

There are many reasons why tourists should visit France; amongst them 9 are the main reasons; Food, romance, Food, Skiing, cinema, Fashion, food, beaches and some more food. Did you capture that food has been repeated 4 times? The reason behind this is because France is one of the bastions of European gastronomy. People from different parts of the world, every year, come to their droves to visit appetizing cities like – Bordeaux, Lille, Dijon, Reims, Lyon, Grenoble, Strasbourg, etc. French cuisines enjoy quite popularity, you should be looking forward to improve your food palate with them when you next visit. French food is particularly great because it is cooked only with fresh ingredients and little or no preservatives, generous cream and butter go into the process too. We have mentioned the list of top most delicious foods in France that you should not miss during your travel!

Most delicious foods in France

· A visit to any part of France without having a bite of the classic French Baguette will be forgetful of you. This French bread is the world’s best bread, without any doubt, because there are no additives or preservatives in it. These French Baguettes are not supposed to have a long shelf life as they are meant to be eaten straight away. The reason behind no preservatives is the French bread law that forbids the use of preservatives in the production of Baguette.

·  Macarons

Luscious and world-famous macarons are the appetizing cookies filled with buttercream. These are small almond cakes that have been around since medieval times. The origin of macarons is not from France. These were imported from Italy by Catherine de Medicis, in the 1500s.

Macarons are prepared in different colors so one can differentiate between the available taste of filling like pink for raspberry taste, yellow for vanilla or lemon and obviously brown for chocolate. To enjoy their virtue, let these French Macarons melt in your aperture.

·  Tarte Tartin

Tarte is a general word when it comes to French food, but that is also because there are several tasty types. Therefore Tarte Tartin is most popular of the “tartes”. Basically, it is an upside-down cake made from caramel, apples, and a flaky crust. Before baking, the apples are caramelized in butter and sugar. It was first made by the baker of a well-known Parisian Restaurant.

·  Charente Mouclade

When the temperature becomes mild, the area from La Rochelle to Ile de Re is popular in France. This is also when several tourists, swayed by the region’s dietary treats, make this delicious dish at home. Mussels from Bouchot are prepared with garlic cloves, shallots, herbs, eggs, spices, and some Pineau des Charentes.

·  Ratatouille

A thick stew that consists of bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, courgettes, garlic and eggplants is known as Ratatouille in France. It is majorly eaten as a vegetable stew, but many types have meat and fish.

·  Crepes

Pancakes that are thin and filled with fresh fruits or chocolate sauce are known as Crepes; sometimes they are also served with tasty fillings. Crepes are the ultimate French sweet snack that is incredibly easy to make. Suzette is the most famous type of Crepe. La Chandeleu which is marked on 2nd February is a religious holiday where people eat a great deal of crepes.

·  Croissants

A staple French breakfast is traditionally made up by croissants and coffee. Primarily it is flaky and buttery bread that is perfect for filling your belly any time of the day. You can also get them filled with cheese and ham for a bigger meal of the day. From 1950s it has become a local staple of French breakfasts.

·  French Cheeses

The French people are known for many things, including their love for cheese. You will find several tasty goat’s milk cheeses and cow’s milk cheeses. Brie, camembert and Roquefort are some of the most popular cheese from France eaten in different parts of the world.

·  Truffles

Truffles are a special and rare breed of mushrooms. Truffles are costly, so just small quantities are used. The dried ones are sliced or grated over pasta and meat dishes or added to soups, sauces or salads. These truffles grow close to hazelnut and oak trees.

·  Cassoulet

It might be the lightest dish that you will have in France. The origin of this dish is from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and it consists of duck legs, white beans and different kinds of pork. For ages, rural French families have been bonding on plates of cassoulet.

·  Salade Nicoise

It is a traditional French salad which consists of canned tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, hard-boiled eggs, onions, and sometimes anchovies, green beans and caper berries. Salade Nicoise retains its name to the southeastern city of Nice. It means “Salad from Nice” and is either eater on its own as a starter or light meal. It has to be said that Salade Nicoise is one of the best blends of salad ingredients.

·  Oysters (Huitres)

Oysters are the second most universal product during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the country. The shellfish are served warm, but real oyster lovers will choose to eat it raw and still alive. Oysters are sold plain, or with a shallot sauce or with a dash of vinegar, or lemon juice.

·  Escargot

In the region of Burgundy is another traditional French recipe made up of snails cooked with herb butter. Locally, it is known as “escargots a la bourgeoisie”. The snails are served in their shells and can be eaten with a small skewer. Escargot is often served as a starter.

After reading about this list of most delicious food in France your mouth must be watering. Don’t waste a second and apply online for your France visa. Find the best hotels and restaurants that can great you with great taste and then enjoy being in France. 

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