Paris restaurants – five must explore eateries of Paris

Paris is the heart of France has a soothing weather throughout the year. Its moderate climate is influenced by the sea which makes it a suitable destination to visit any season. Millions of tourists apply for their France Schengen visa every year and get their France visa for having an unforgettable experience in France. However, the eateries of a country play a very significant role in making your travel experience exceptional. So, before you leave for your trip to France, here is a list of top restaurants in France you can not afford to miss –
1. Le Cinq – The Le Cinq is a gourmet restaurant in Paris, which is renounced for its unforgettable cuisines and captivating food presentations. You can explore the best of wine and foods served impeccably. The place is very spacious, shimmering with gold and silver shades to give a positive ambiance to every customer. The entire look and feel of the restaurant makes it suitable for intimate dinning.

2. Epicure – This chic restaurant holds three Michelin stars due to its expertise in gastronomy. The most renowned dishes of The Epicure are artichoke, duck foie gras, the black truffle stuffed macaroni and many more. This amazing place is even more inviting for the customers due to its outdoor garden setting to enjoy throughout the summer.

3. Le Meurice – This royal restaurant stands proud in the heart of Paris. The place is designed by Philippe Stark, who gave this place an ideal look with the shimmering chandeliers, mosaic floor, heavy damask curtains at the windows to give the perfect view of the Tuileries Garden across the street. This magnificent place is complimented by the innovative cooking of the chief Yannick Alleno and the friendly service by the staff.

4. L’Astrance

Despite the high prices of restaurants in Paris, a meal in L’Astrance is really an 
investment which will never disappoint you. This three star restaurant serves the best in class cuisines served with the culinary expertise of Pascal Barbot. The served dishes include a brilliant combination of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables which are also a part of many signature dishes.

5. Macéo – This awesome restaurant is run by Mark Williamson who is also the owner of Willis  Wine bar near the restaurant. The place has an innovative look with oxblood walls and parquet floors. Chef Thievery Bourbonna is includes many vegetables dishes on his menu which makes this place for vegetarians to witness the best culinary experience of Paris

Paris is a mesmerizing city featuring the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triumph, Disneyland and many more  but these breathtaking constructions are tasteless if you do not go for the memorable culinary experience for which Paris is famous. The restaurants in Paris deliver true culinary art with their gastronomic skills. So, what are you waiting for? Get your visa for France and get ready to explore the best in class service of Paris restaurants for an unforgettable leisure trip in Paris.

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